About Us

We are a nationwide civil engineering firm, providing services to those in need of flagpole calculations and engineered foundations and footings. We provide site-specific engineering details, reports, and calculations/analysis to individuals and companies who need engineered flagpole calculations and engineered foundations plans when this is a requirement from the local building official.

The permitting process in many building departments across the nation are becoming more and more rigorous. There are many structural issues that cause the need for an engineer to get involved with you flagpole calculations and engineered foundations plans. This is why we created our service.

Our goal and commitment

We are responsive to our client’s timelines and we utilize a collaborative team process to achieve a creative and affordable solution. Our attention to budget and teamwork results in an efficient overall process.

We are committed to meet the needs of our clients by providing high-quality professional services to clients who desire excellence, distinction and value. We represent our clients in a professional manner, adhering to our professions’ codes of ethics, while maintaining excellent working relationships with regulatory agencies. We endeavor to achieve a successful assignment within our client’s budget and schedule.

A team of our experienced personnel is assembled for each project, headed by a lead engineer providing quality and professional flagpole calculations and engineered foundations services to our clients.