Stamped Flagpole (and Lightpole) Calculations and Engineered Foundation Plans for Permit Approval

We are a nationwide engineering firm providing site-specific engineering details and analysis to those who need engineered flagpole calculations and engineered foundations plans.

We have two basic services:

  1. Flagpole (and lightpole) Analysis of Shop Drawings:
    Many manufacturer’s or suppliers need to have their poles analyzed by a professional engineer to meet local wind and seismic conditions. The pole manufacturer or supplier may not have an in-house engineer to stamp the pole shop drawings; this is where we come in. We can analyze the pole to the necessary guidelines and provide the stamped calculations to prove that your flagpole is acceptable to the local building department.
  2. Flagpole (and lightpole) Foundation Drawings:
    We analyze the lateral and vertical loads on the pole and calculate the optimum footing size for your pole. We draw the pole calculations and engineered foundations plans and details and stamp the drawings for building permit approval.

Either service above can be a-la-carte, or can be combined into one turnkey package.

You can see How it Works, here.

Our Flagpole Calculations and Engineered Foundations services can consist of the following:

  • Lateral Design (Wind and Seismic/Earthquake loads).
    • We assess the flagpole for shear and bending moments.
    • Footing and/or anchorage design to resist lateral loads.
    • Ensure proper lateral soil bearing resistance is accomplished to prevent overturning.
  • Vertical Design (Live, and Dead loads).
    • We assess the flagpole for compressive and axial forces.
    • Footing design to resist vertical loads.
    • Ensure proper soil bearing resistance is accomplished to prevent settlement.
  • Other structural requirements as necessary.