Why choose us?

As the permitting process in many building jurisdictions across the nation are becoming more and more rigorous, the need for a professional engineer’s involvement with the flagpole and foundation structural requirements are increasing. More and more building officials across the country are requiring a professional engineer to stamp plans and calculations for flagpole and foundations. Having a professional engineer’s involvement helps the building official ensure that building code requirements are met and that flagpole and foundations are structurally sound and safe; this helps mitigate risk, both to the public and the manufacturer of these components. It also brings great comfort to most property owners and stakeholders knowing that their properties and appurtenances will be structurally safe.

Here are just a few reasons that you may need our flagpole engineering services:

  1. When the manufacturer/supplier does not have an in-house licensed engineer for a particular state (we are a nationwide engineering firm).
  2. Because a stamped engineered plan (or calculation) set is required for plan approval with the local building department.
  3. To mitigate risk.
  4. To protect the public welfare and safety.
  5. When the wind speeds exceeds a certain limit.
  6. If the flagpole is in a high earthquake zone.
  7. If the flagpole is over certain height.
  8. If the flagpole is over certain weight.
  9. If their are potential safety issues involved.
  10. If the attachments (flag, luminaire, etc) or flagpole has an irregular shape or design.
  11. If the flagpole is on a building, elevated base, or retaining wall.
  12. If there are known soil issues in the area.
  13. Or, just because the building official says it is necessary (the list can go on-and-on).

We help you in these situations (above) by providing the necessary engineering analysis and services that the building department is requiring from you.